About Us

Bea ArmstrongBea Armstrong, President and Creative Director

Ever spend hours in a card store, or at online sites, trying to find just the right card that sends just the right message to the right person? And ending up with something that underwhelmed you? Even frustrated you? Me too. And, I’ve heard others voice that same complaint.

The cards with hearts and flowers, and cute animals, have their place, but how do we deal with the hard times, the difficult speed bumps or even mountains that we sometimes need to navigate in relationships? The family members whom you love, but who drive you crazy? The sibling whom you’ve never quite understood and don’t feel close to? The parent whom you haven’t known how to talk to? What kinds of cards do you send them?

BReal ECards is a new line of greeting cards, and it’s unlike anything on the market. Its purpose is to help people really connect, which requires us to be as real as possible. But to do so in a gentle, even loving way.

In my day job, I’m a psychotherapist in private practice, and I have been for more than 25 years. So I know how to help people have healthy relationships. I’ve helped literally thousands of people create them. In a previous life, I was a journalist for daily newspapers for 20 years, so I like to think I can write.
My two careers come together in BReal ECards.

Many of my clients have struggled with the relational hurdles described in these cards. So have I. Hopefully, these cards will open a door to better connection, communication, and even healing in relationships.

Want to give us some feedback? Have ideas for cards that you’d like to see? Contact us and let us know.

By the way, if you’re wondering if the VP and I are related, the answer is “yes.” Mother and son. How good is that?

Sean ArmstrongSean Armstrong, VP of Marketing and Technology

Sean Armstrong is an Internet marketing consultant, writer, publisher, and the founder of Kethyr Solutions, an Internet marketing firm dedicated to helping small businesses succeed online, and Therapy Website Success, a service dedicated to helping mental health and wellness professionals achieve first-page search engine listings, and co-founder of the Therapy Marketing Institute, a marketing education and support platform for mental health and wellness professionals.

Sean has two decades’ experience working in the Internet marketing, website design, and desktop publishing industries as an independent contractor, an employee of startups and a Fortune 500 firm, and an entrepreneur and business owner.

Along the way, Sean has consulted with and helped hundreds of coaches, mental health and wellness professionals, and other small business owners to successfully market their services online and off by using the power of proven Internet and relationship marketing techniques.

While Sean continues to be successful and driven, he loves his family and keeps them first in his life. His beautiful wife and and eight-year-old daughter keep him grounded and centered and constantly reminded of what life’s really all about.

Our Artists:

Angi CureAngi Cure

Angi Cure is a Dallas based designer. She has been in this profession for 24 years. Growing up in New Mexico, she always had a keen interest in art and always hungered to capture the world in art. Angi gathers inspiration from many different sources including film, music, art, other designers’ work, and photography. Cure is the recipient of national awards, including an Emmy nomination for a PSA while she was working in broadcast. In her “off time,” Angi also enjoys cooking, painting, making jewelry or hanging with friends and her Dalmatian Pepper.

David SykesDavid Sykes

David Sykes is a California-born artist who now lives in Utah with his wife and 4 children. He enjoys skiing, and appreciating the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains through other outdoor actives such as hiking and camping.

David is a passionate artist who is very adept in a variety of different techniques, and styles. When it comes to visual art, he does it with passion and excellence. David has worked as an illustrator for a range of clients and purposes. He has also worked on video games as an illustrator, modeler, and animator for console games, smart phone games, and Facebook games, and he is very good at creating engaging animated content. He loves to create using the computer with its variety of art software and capabilities. He also enjoys more traditional methods, such as using a good old pencil and paper, and painting with brushes on canvas.