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You’ve scoured the card stores, and the online eCard sites, and you’re frustrated. None of the messages work. They’re pretty or cute, fun or serious, but not real.

Well, Get Ready to Get Real with…

BReal ECards

Bea ArmstrongI’m Bea Armstrong, the founder of this new line of eCards, which I hope speaks to people like you who are determined to be in real relationships with those they love.

That’s my hope, and my vision. And my passion. As a psychotherapist, and a woman with many wonderful – and sometimes difficult – people in my life, I know how frustrating it can be to try and find a card that names the authentic feelings we have toward those people. We love them … and we want to connect with them … but OMG, they can make that hard sometimes! Not that I ever do, of course!   😉

But that’s REAL relationship.

As part of our first year celebration, for a limited time we’re offering BReal ECards memberships for just $1 for the first 3 months, and then $15 per year thereafter.

That’s right, just $1 today and you’ll get access to all of our cards for the next 3 months!

Assuming you’re more than happy with the line of cards we’re creating, and all we’re doing to help people like you be as real in your relationships as possible, your membership will continue after your initial three-month trial at the rate of $15 per year until you decide to cancel. Of course, you may cancel your membership at any time – even during your initial 3-month trial – and you won’t be billed a cent thereafter.

And you can send as many of our eCards to as many people as you want for each year your membership remains active. But, your membership in BReal ECards is about much more than this…

You see, we’re starting this line of cards on the proverbial shoestring. More cards are constantly in development. And I want you to know that your $15 annual membership will be reinvested in adding more cards to our library.

You’re making this website possible and we want to hear from you about the types of cards you want most. So, if you have an idea for a card that you can never find anywhere, please, let us know!

One of my friends suggested birthday cards for step-siblings. Great idea! And we made it happen.

There’s one for those ex’s whom you still send birthday cards to, because you are better friends than you were spouses.

I’ll bet each of you has someone in your life like that. Whenever you need to get a card for them, you cringe because you know you won’t be happy with what you find in stores or online.

I want BReal ECards to change that. To save you time, but more importantly, to help you speak from your heart to those nearest and dearest and sometimes, those most annoying-est.

So… if you haven’t already, join our “hive” by clicking the button below. And thank you for contributing and making BReal ECards your home for real cards for real relationships!

Bea Armstrong

Are You Ready to Finally Send Real Ecards for the Real Realtionships in Your Life?